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Learn Data Analytics course Free in Tamil Language Starts on DEC 05 Register Soon

Pantech Solution Providing  30 Day Free Data Analytics Course via online live session Starts from December 5th 2022. Registration link Given Below

Free Data Analytics Couse in Tamil

FREE 30 Days Data Analytics Master Class series

Course Fee : Free
Course Duration : 30Days(5th Dec - 7th Jan)
Mode : Via Online
The Objective of this Webinar Series is to facilitate the participants to get cognizance of the concepts dealt with for substantial utilization of the same into studying, teaching, Research work, and Upgrading. 📚

What you will Learn?


✅Day-1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics & Road Map to become a Data Scientist


✅Day-2: Data Preparation - Power Query & Tables
✅Day-3: Data analytics- Formula & Pivot Table
✅Day-4: Story Telling - Charts & Dashboard


✅Day-5: Introduction to Python & Installing Python and its Libraries
✅Day-6: Basic Python Programming for Data Analytics


✅Day-7:  Introduction to Statistics & Use Case of Statistics on Data
✅Day-8: Population and Sampling


✅Day-9: Connect Tableau to a Variety of Datasets
✅Day-10: Visualize Data in the Form of Various Charts, Plots, and Maps


✅Day-11: Connect Tableau to a Variety of Datasets
✅Day-12: Visualize Data in the Form of Various Charts, Plots, and Maps and Calculate Data
✅Day-13: Python Numpy functions


✅Day-14: Pandas for Data analytics in Python

⭐MATPLOTLIB - Data Visualization

✅Day-15: Matplotlib for data visualization

⭐SEABORN- Data Visualization

✅Day-16: Seaborn for data visualization


✅Day-17: SQL basics for Data analytics


✅Day-18: MongoDB basics for Data analytics


✅Day-19: Introduction to Machine Learning & its libraries

⭐Supervised Learning - Classification

✅Day-20: Salary Estimation using K-NEAREST NEIGHBOR - SUPERVISED        LEARNING

⭐Supervised Learning - Regression

✅Day-21: House Price Prediction using LINEAR REGRESSION - SUPERVISED LEARNING

⭐UnSupervised Learning - Clustering

✅Day-22: Identifying the Pattern of the Customer spent using K-MEANS CLUSTERING

⭐UnSupervised Learning - Association

✅Day-23: Market Basket Analysis using APIRIORI

⭐Reinforcement Learning

✅Day-24: Web Ads. Click through Rate optimization using UPPER BOUND CONFIDENCE

⭐Natural Language Processing

✅Day-25: Sentimental Analysis using Natural Language Processing


✅Day-26: Introduction to Deep Learning & its libraries

⭐Multi-Layer Perceptron

✅Day-27: Diabetes detection using Artificial Neural Network (MLP)

⭐Convolutional Neural Network

✅Day-28: Object Recognition using Pre Trained Model – Caffe
✅Day-29: Brain Tumor Detection using CNN

⭐Recurrent Neural Network

✅Day-30: Stock Price prediction using LSTM